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The primary goal of the Lucas County ARES AREDN® (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) Mesh committee, is to empower and educate licensed Amateur Radio Operators, in Lucas County and surrounding ARES, in the use of AREDN® Mesh technology. Further It is our mission to develop a permanent AREDN® Mesh Network as well as to quickly and easily deploy high-speed ad-hock data networks when and where they are needed as a service both to the hobby and the community. These efforts are intended to be a benefit to the Community at large.

Those who are requesting membership and are out of the immediate are please be prepared to provide your call sign and why you are desiring membership, as well as any other pertinent information you feel will aid in your approval. If we contact you for more information and we don't hear back from you within 4 days, you will be bounced. Please check your spam folder if you requested membership and have not heard back from our Group Membership Moderator.

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